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Grilled wraps Las Flautas

Let Us Serve You a Traditional Latin Meal

"Menu had a large selection of authentic Spanish and Mexican cuisine."

- Karl K.


"The food was very good & the service was excellent."

- Cheryl D.

Whether it's a date with your fiancé or you're treating the family to a night out, you'll find the best authentic food at Panchita Grill.


Sea que esté cenando con su prometida o estas sacando a la familia para una noche de fiesta, usted encontrará la mejor comida auténtica en Panchita Grill.

Déjanos Servirte una Comida Latina Tradicional

Las Entradas - Entrees

Mole Poblano 20.95

Boneless Chicken with Highly Spiced Mole Sauce

Pollo al Whiskey 20.95

Boneless Chicken Cooked in a Smooth Creamy Whiskey Sauce

Pollo a la Parrilla 20.95

Grilled Chicken Breast, Served with Rice and a Choice of Mixed Vegetables or French Fries

Arroz Con Pollo 20.95

Chicken with Rice, Sliced Spanish Sausages and Vegetables

With White Meat Add 21.95

Churrasco* 26.95

Grill Sirloin Steak, Served with Rice, and Choice of Beans or French Fries and Chimichurri

Cerdo Sevillano* 21.95

Grilled Pork Chops in a Chipotle Barbeque Sauce, Served with Rice and choice of Beans

Las Chimichangas

Two Deep Fried Flour Tortillas Stuffed

With Ground Beef or Vegetables 18.95

With Chicken 19.95

With Skirt Steak* 21.95

Served with Rice, Beans, Guacamole, Sour Cream and Pico de Gallo

Las Flautas      

Three Deep Fried Corn Tortillas Stuffed  

With Chicken 19.95

With Skirt Steak* 21.95    

Served with Rice, Beans, Guacamole, Sour Cream and Pico de Gallo

Wraps (Big Burrito) or Bowls

Large Flour Tortilla or Bowl, Fill with Rice, Black Beans, Lettuce, Cheese, Sour Cream and Pico de Gallo

With Ground Beef or Vegetables 16.95

With Grilled Chicken 19.95

With Skirt Steak 21.95

Los Tacos al Carbon*

Two soft Charbroiled Tacos, Topped with Chopped Onions and Cilantro

Served with Rice, Beans, Guacamole, Sour Cream and Pico de Gallo

With Chicken or Pork* 18.95

With Tongue 18.95

With Skirt Steak 21.95

With Fish or Shrimp 21.95

Combinaciones Mexicanas / Mexican Dishes

Spiced Mild, Medium or Hot to Your Taste

Served with Rice, Refried Beans or Black Beans

Vegetarianas / Vegetarian

* Consuming raw or under cooked meats, fish, shellfish or fresh shell eggs may increase your risk of food-bourne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions

1. Enchiladas Suizas, “Chicken covered With Green Tomato Sauce" 19.95

18. Three Cheese Enchiladas 19.95

Exclude #17

2. Beef Tostada, Cheese Enchilada, Tamal 19.95

3. Chile Relleno, Beef Taco, Cheese Enchilada 19.95            

4. Cheese Burrito, Beef Taco, Chicken Enchilada 19.95          

5. Beef Taco, Cheese Enchilada, Chicken Burrito 19.95    

6. Guaca Taco, Beef Burrito, Cheese Enchilada 19.95      

7. Enchiladas Poblanas “Two Chicken in Mole" 19.95

8. Chile Relleno, Beef Taco 17.95    

9. Three Enchiladas - Beef, Chicken, Cheese 19.95

11. Three Tacos - Two Beef, One Chicken 19.95    

12. Beef Taco, Beef Burrito, Cheese Enchilada 19.95    

13. Beef Taco, Cheese Enchilada 17.95              

14. Beef Tostada, Chicken Taco, Cheese Enchilada 19.95          

15. Cheese Enchilada, Beef Burrito 17.95

16. Two Soft Tacos, Beef and Chicken 17.95

17. Two Seafood Enchiladas* 20.95      

19. Chile Relleno, Bean Taco, Cheese Enchilada 19.95

20. Chile Relleno, Cheese Burrito, Cheese Enchilada 19.95

21. Guac Tostada, Cheese Enchilada, Chile Relleno 19.95

22. Make Your Own Combination 20.95